About Amitexcon

AmitexconAmitexcon is a Belgian innovative solution provider and supplier of High Tech engineered textiles and Multi-Layer Systems for protective clothing and equipment.


Amitexcon was founded in 2003 by Martin Lippens and Antoaneta Staneva.

We have a more than 20 years track record of experience in a large scope of protective textiles, with an emphasis on flame retardant, waterproof and breathable fabrics.

Driven by the passion of innovation in one of the most complicated fields of textiles, the one of personal protection, we do things differently.

Business model

Amitexcon - Business modelAmitexcon is a head-to-tail company.

We combine the benefits of various textile layers and finishes to multi-layer and clothing solutions in different fields of personal protection.
We (co-) engineer your solution!


Partner network

Amitexcon - Partner networkThanks to our long textile experience we managed to establish a valuable network of key European industrial companies.

For each type of material we cooperate with the best partner in his field.


Customer orientated

Amitexcon - Customer orientatedAs we don't have neither large hierarchical structures nor heavy administration we are able to proceed very promptly.

This allows us to substantially shorten the reaction time and to increase global efficiency.

Key values

  • Expertise – innovative high-tech products

  • Involvement – creation of a win-win situation for all stake holders

  • Flexibility – quick reaction and service